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My passion and vocation is leadership, understanding it, embodying it and inspiring leadership in others. In 2001 I set up Inspiring Leadership to further my own vision to inspire and grow leaders across society, to enable individuals to become more effective leaders of their own lives and of their teams, organisations and societies.

Inspiring Leadership is a leadership development consultancy that works with individuals, teams and organisations to develop leadership, team working and organisational performance. Our growing global team of coaches and consultants have worked with some of the world’s leading organisations and businesses, and have a proven track record of success in developing and inspiring leadership, and in making a real difference to organisational performance.

LeadershipWe do not run corporate entertainment or off the shelf management skills courses. We offer, what we believe, is a highly impactful, outcome focussed and inspiring approach to developing Inspiring Leadership.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We wish you well on your own leadership journey.

Ben Clayton-Jolly

“The term ‘breakthrough leadership’ as we define it, is multivalent - it points in several directions at once.  Certainly, it involves breaking through old habits of thinking to uncover fresh solutions to perennial problems.  It also means breaking through the interpersonal barriers that we all erect against genuine human contact.  It is leadership that breaks through the cynicism that many people feel about their jobs and helps them find meaning and purpose in what they do.  And it breaks through the limits imposed by our doubts and fears to achieve more than we believed possible."

Editor’s Introduction to special leadership issue of Harvard Business Review Dec 2001

Be Inspired, Be Inspiring.

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