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Ben In Brecon Beacons (Carrot And Stick) 2003
Mark Facilitating Team Exercise
Ben, Mark, Siann, AJ delivering a programme in Namibia 2007

"Ben and Clive are two of the best - if not the best - I have come across, and I have seen a few! Delivery was excellent, examples appropriate and relevant. Adaptable to the group and individual requirements, sensitive, flexible, understanding. Many thanks."

Senior European Manager, Dell


"You are excellent. I owe you a lot. You have radically reshaped my thinking and I now know so much about myself that I would not have got anywhere near this without your help."

Senior European Manager, Dell


"As a team I felt you operated with amazing understanding and patience - we were all adjusting to the new environment and experience, and I felt you were 110% supportive for us throughout. Especially considering that you were working the same long hours as us and then some!"

Manager, Aviva


"Thank you so much for 'hosting' the management skills course so well. I found your enthusiasm, positive attitude and kind, thoughtful listening and advice to be so key to me getting as much out of the course as I did. You are an example to us all and your input was both invaluable in communicating the points of the course and in adding value over and above it. The course has had a profound effect on me and the way I think about things, and on my behaviour."

Marketing Manager, Interbrew


"Incredible insight and inspiring leadership style - I have no doubt that I will continue to learn from you even in your absence. Some of the feedback from my 1 to 1's will stay with me forever. You have left me with a long list of things I plan to advance in my life (and a few things to leave behind!)."

Manager, Aviva


"Each member of the staff were truly unique and brought something invaluable to the team, world class teachers and coaches."

Senior Manager, Aviva


"Ben was awe inspiring and has left a mark, his involvement and knowledge was amazing. I have learnt a lot by just observing and listening to him."

AVP, Aviva Global Services (India)


"The effect Mark had on me was profound. He is a person to whom I would aspire to be like. His concern for the delegates well being was so sincere that it affected me positively at all times."

Manager Aviva 

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