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Paula is a consultant and coach specialising in instilling behaviour that drives both business results, and an individual’s personal/professional strengths. She works regularly with management teams at all levels helping them clarify their objectives, the impact of their behaviour, and how to imbed best practice in their teams and the rest of the organisation.  She is skilled at helping organisations to engage their teams in making significant changes in their business models. Paula is an experienced coach and often coaches individual members of a team in parallel with ongoing team development.  She works regularly in manufacturing, telecommunications, government agencies, and financial services. 

Prior to entering consultancy in 1996, she gained nearly 25 years’ corporate experience in the UK, The Netherlands and the USA.  Her last corporate appointment was as Vice President Human Resources with Chase Manhattan Bank, based in London.  In her native America, she developed a strong background in Human Resources management, in the financial services, retail, and health care sectors.