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Clive is delighted to be returning to leadership consultancy after a five year break as the owner and managing director of Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge on New Zealand's North Island.
Since the age of six when he first visited family in East Africa, Clive has fostered a spirit of pioneering adventure in himself and others.  Coupled with seeking out new challenges in the wilder places of the world, Clive has developed a deep rooted passion for enabling others to connect with, and realise their hidden capacities and capabilities to achieve much more than they thought possible.  This passion began through his experiences at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst during military training, and further developed whilst serving as an officer with the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars in Germany, Northern Ireland, Canada, the UK and South America.   Clive was later attached to the international youth development charity, Operation Raleigh in Chile as a project manager in glacial Patagonia, and on leaving the Army became a field director and the youngest ever expedition leader for the organisation.  This saw him reconnoitring, planning and leading expeditions in Australia's Cape York & Torres Strait, Pakistan's Karakoram Himalaya, Guyana and Kenya over a period of four years.  In 1989 Clive returned to London as operations director for the fledgling company, World Challenge Expeditions, which after seven years, he and his fellow directors developed into the largest and most profitable youth leadership programme in the UK.  His responsibilities included selection, induction and training of up to 150 expedition leaders, reconnaissance and planning for expeditions to developing countries on every continent of the world.  With nearly twenty years successful track record promoting and enabling the capabilities of others to achieve challenging goals, Clive took this experience into the corporate sector and joined The Oxford Group as a coach, facilitator, and trainer.  His military and expedition experiences have naturally led him to focus on leadership development, enhancing team performance, and coaching, which is his passion.  Since moving into consultancy in 1996 Clive has worked with small private companies and leading multinationals alike, designing, delivering and coaching on impactful development programmes worldwide.

Clive's approach to developing inspirational leadership is a pragmatic one.  His strongly held view is that most leaders are neither born nor made – they grow.  He also believes that given the appropriate conditions, the will to lead and some fundamental skills, all of us have the capacity to lead.  He is dedicated to the ethos of Inspiring Leadership as a company due to its focus on leadership at the inspirational level.  He shares the belief that we must first connect with a vision which is strongly meaningful to us at a personal and professional level before we are equipped to inspire others to take action.  This requires that we spend time exploring our own strengths and areas for development, coupled with essential reflection on what it is we want ourselves and other to achieve.  We must then equip ourselves with practical tools, techniques and ways of operating which inspire others, establish and maintain high performance, and create the conditions for those we lead to be the best they can be.

Clive is currently based in Lake Taupo, New Zealand where he has three children, and from where he travels widely both on a personal and professional basis.  He is a qualified mountain leader, horse guide and paramedic. He thrives on physical and mental challenge, having completed two traditional marathons, three 'ultra' mountain marathons in New Zealand and the UK, and the 2004 Marathon des Sables, involving six marathons over a week in the Moroccan Sahara.  As an ex cavalry officer, he has a love of horses and riding, and this year competed in his first rodeo!  Time permitting, he also enjoys mountain walking and has climbed and led expeditions on trekking peaks including Mt. Kilimanjaro (twice), Mt. Kenya (twice), Mt. Toubkal, Mt Rysy, Mt. Willhelm, Mt. Blanc, Mt. Fuji, Mt Egmont & Mt Tongariro.'