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Simon Cavicchia is an international organisational coach and consultant.  He has coached and consulted at all levels in organisations working with individuals including at executive level and with senior management teams.  Clients have included Marks and Spencer, BP, BT, Syntegra, Exxon, Barclays Bank, ICI, Microsoft, Breast Cancer Care, Petroplus, Cafod, Hess Corporation, World Health Organization and Lloyds of London.  He is highly experienced in facilitating adult education and for six years lectured on the MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies at the University of Surrey School of Management.  He is now Joint Programme Co-ordinator for the MA/MSc Programme in Coaching Psychology at the Metanoia Institute and London South Bank University.  He is particularly interested in exploring relational perspectives on organisational life and consulting, and is committed to continually researching how these perspectives can be used to inform practice, and learning, in organisations. Relational approaches place the quality of relationships, and dynamics between organisation members, at the centre of how meaning is made and behaviour generated.  This is particularly relevant in today’s organisations with matrix structures, where different individuals with different levels of authority, designation and agendas have to work out how to join together in service of the organisation’s success.  In his coaching and consulting practice Simon is deeply committed to creating respectful, supportive and challenging learning environments, where clients can increase their awareness, confidence and skills for intervening in new and effective ways.  He also supervises consultants and coaches.

Simon is a highly experienced executive coach and is also a UK registered Gestalt Psychotherapist.  He has a MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies and a MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy.  He is based in London, UK.