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dsc_0055webv2.jpgThe most powerful learning environments are those that engage mind, body and spirit, create memories which will last a lifetime, and that enable deep and lasting change for participants. The ideal environment for this fast track learning experience is in an adventure or wilderness setting. Many of our team have an extensive background in wilderness travel, mountain sports, the military and expeditions, and since 1995 we have been developing the concept of adventure and wilderness based programmes for organisational leaders. Our team have run programmes all over the globe.

Inspiring Leadership - Carrot or StickDuring November 2003 in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, two teams of volunteers took part in a unique and challenging adventure experience that required them to compete regularly against each other in demanding, physical contests of courage, fitness and teamwork. The teams were, however, run in two very different ways to explore the impact of different leadership styles on team, and individual, performance. The programme was produced by RDF Media and screened in 2004 over three episodes on Channel 4 as 'The Carrot or The Stick'.