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dsc_0055webv2.jpgThe most powerful learning environments are those that engage mind, body and spirit, create memories which will last a lifetime, and that enable deep and lasting change for participants. The ideal environment for this fast track learning experience is in an adventure or wilderness setting. Many of our team have an extensive background in wilderness travel, mountain sports, the military and expeditions, and since 1995 we have been developing the concept of adventure and wilderness based programmes for organisational leaders. Our team have run programmes all over the globe.

 Inspiring Leadership - Operating Countries


An adventure or wilderness based leadership programme is the ultimate accelerated learning experience. Each programme is bespoke designed and thoughtfully constructed, and facilitated, to enable learning at all levels for all participants. This is developmental use of adventure at its best. It provides an unparalled opportunity for individuals and teams to challenge themselves, form a genuinely high performing team, and make a quantum leap in their own leadership ability, professionally and personally. They are also highly enjoyable.


dsc_0301webv2.jpgWilderness programmes are typically run in a developing country and are based around a real project working with a remote community. These are designed to provide a demanding challenge for the team, and an opportunity to make a lasting difference to the communities and environments in which we are working.


dawn_start_v2.jpgAdventure based programmes include everything from using a mountain retreat or conference centre with some outdoor activities, to ski based leadership development programmes based in the Alps, to a full expedition. We are highly resourceful and have an extensive global network of partners so we can create a programme to meet your needs and aspirations.


001webv2.jpgIn November 2003 Ben Clayton-Jolly spent four weeks in the mountains of Wales as team coach and consultant with RDF Media producing a television documentary exploring the impact of different leadership styles on the performance of competing teams under demanding conditions. This was screened in 2004 on Channel 4 as 'The Carrot or The Stick' Click here for more information on 'The Carrot or The Stick'


ben_spitzkoppe_may_05webv2.jpgThe impact of an adventure or wilderness programme on participants can be enormous. The combination of a wide open sky, being in a learning environment that really is high challenge - high support, and world class leadership coaches will be at the least life enhancing. For some it is life changing.


"I cannot begin to express how truly life enhancing the whole experience was. It has provided me with the tools and inspiration to assist with my transformation into a more complete and effective leader and person. Feedback from co-workers, friends and family since I have returned has been extremely positive and indicative of a profound alteration. The experience of being completely removed from the 'everyday' world, to focus on such intense inner development was a once in a lifetime experience that will stay with me forever. The ability to leave a positive footprint with a group of people, in a far corner of the world that I would never have had the ability to meet without this experience, was also very rewarding."

Senior Manager, Aviva Canada


"It is difficult to summarise this programme in brief...I feel very privileged to have been part of it. I got more out of it than I had expected - it was unlike every other development programme I have been involved in. A fantastic and rewarding experience. Thank you!!"

Senior Manager, Swiss Re


"The programme has been 110% successful. I have exceeded all of my goals. I have never genuinely experienced anything so powerful or effective."

Manager, Norwich Union


"Physically challenging, mentally stimulating...The best managed and delivered leadership programme I have ever attended by a mile."

Director, Hibernian Insurance


"I never thought it was possible to work like that....I discovered that with the right motivation, a team can do miracles."

Senior European Manager, Hewlett Packard


"I have never enjoyed myself so much before and I thrived on the challenges as they presented themselves. I would return tomorrow."

Manager, Nationwide Building Society