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Inspiring Leadership - The Carrot or The Stick 2004High performing teams can achieve outstanding results and make some of the most rewarding environments for people to work in. Such teams are also central to most organisation's strategy and way of working. Sometimes, teams will form quickly around a clear purpose and a talented group of individuals, focussed around a capable leader.  Often, however, forming a team can be accelerated and made more effective by creating the opportunity for the team to really understand why it exists, who is in the team and how they are going to work together. NASA would not consider sending one of it's manned space missions into orbit without first sending the crew on a team development programme. Yet many organisations take similar risks without this preparation.


Inspiring Leadership - Hewlett Packard Uganda 1995

Once a team is operational within a modern organisation it typically has little time to pause and consider how effectively it is working, and how it could be more effective.  Taking some time out from the workplace to do this can bring enormous dividends.  We have run many away days or residential team development programmes for a wide variety of organisations - from teams of shift supervisors to executive boards of business and public sector organisations, both national and international.


Inspiring Leadership - Debenhams Store Managers 2003

All programmes are individually designed to meet your needs, outcomes and approach.  We can design and deliver programmes to review organisational strategy, to explore the interpersonal dynamics within a team and how this can be improved, or simply to give a hard working team a chance to celebrate their successes and look ahead to their next challenge.  We typically use quality locations across the world for these events, often in a rural or outdoor setting.  Locations we have used include a country house retreat in the Brecon Beacons, Wales; mountain chalets in the French Alps and wilderness based programmes in Africa.  Facilitators for a programme would be chosen to match your team, and organisation's, goals and culture.  However, all our programmes are characterised by being business focussed, outcome driven and we hope, highly enjoyable.


Inspiring Leadership - GSK Managers and Amelia TrustWe also specialise in using real projects for team development programmes.  These are always with a project partner who can help us select a project through which the team can add real value to a community or environmental charity or NGO (Non Governmental Organisation).  These can range from working with remote communities in developing countries to working with disadvantaged young people in the UK's inner cities.

"We would like to thank you for the excellent support you have provided us through our team development programme.  The environment proved to be great for learning and enjoying ourselves.  It was undoutably a special three days for us all.  Your input in terms of content and delivery really made a difference.  Thank you."

Call Centre Director, Pearl Assurance


"I wanted to thank you both for an extremely worthwhile two days last week, challenging, productive and enjoyable.  I particularly appreciated your sensitivity to our needs and genuine interest in our success."

Board Director, UK Government Regulatory Body


"I have had fantastic feedback regarding the session on Friday, everybody thought it was extremely beneficial.  This must be the third time I have had a Myers Briggs session and you are clearly very accomplished at your profession!!!"

Sarah Perry, Head of Operations, Oxford University Press Distribution Centre