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"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance; helping them to learn rather than teaching them." 

Timothy Gallwey, author of 'The Inner Game'

Inspiring Leadership - Performance Coaching 2Performance Coaching is about helping you to raise your game, or as the author Robert Louis Stephenson once wrote, "To be who you are and to become what you are capable of becoming".  The best analogy is perhaps of a sports coach - someone is not on the playing field with you but who is supporting you before, after and sometimes during competition to focus on your goals, direction, style and purpose.  Sometime this process requires you to explore what you are doing at a straightforward task level - 'What do I have to do?'.  More often, however, it requires you to ask deeper questions of yourself such as 'How should I be doing this?'.  Such questions necessitate looking inwards as well as outwards, reflecting on who you, your world view and your leadership behaviours in a variety of situations.  This is your leadership journey.


Inspiring Leadership - Performance Coaching 3All of our coaches are characterised as highly capable coaches and as experienced leaders from organisational environments where they have followed their own leadership journey.  Wherever they ask you to go, they will most likely have been before.  You will also find them passionate about what they do and that they are individuals who genuinely model what they talk about in their daily lives.

"Ben's ability to listen and provide such insightful and perceptive feedback is really quite special.  Having his support and objective observations has had such a positive impact on me when working in some extremely challenging and difficult environments."

Rupert Miller, Assistant Head of Mission, Medicins Sans Frontieres


"Just many, many thanks...I could not have come this far withour your help, support and guidance."

Senior European Manager, Dell


"It is like a lightbulb has  just been switched on to illuminate the way ahead"

Store Manager, Debenhams


“I thoroughly recommend Ben Clayton Jolly as a professional and inspiring leader, as the Leadership Development course I participated in is the most rewarding, enjoyable and informative training I have benefited from. Ben's integrity, energy and genuine enthusiasm for seeing people grow is refreshing in a world of "marketers". Ben lives his teachings and continues to encourage me to take new risks, to develop and expand my professional and personal horizons. A measure of a great role model is if they are there when you need them, and for me, when I stood at a professional cross road and reached out to Ben, without judgment he coached me through my thought process, assisting me to find the clarity and the motivation to move forward. I sincerely recommend Ben to you.”

Global Sales Manager